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Aztec Link gives you direct access to your favorite college athletes!

You’ve cheered them on for years, now let them cheer you on. Whether it’s wishing your sibling a happy birthday, announcing a gender reveal, or roasting a friend, Aztec Link has a loaded roster of athletic talent ready to deliver your message. When you book a shout out, your video will be sent directly to your email (within a week) so you can share anywhere, anytime!

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Friends & Family

The Ultimate Fan Gift! Book an athlete to send a loved one a pre-recorded personalized greeting for any special occasion – or just to say “Hey!”


Motivate Your Staff! Hire a collegiate athlete for a 5-10 minute video chat during a staff meeting. It’s a sure way to replace the 9-to-5 monotony with an epic fan experience!


Inspire Young Athletes! Book an athlete for a 5-10 minute chat for pre-game encouragement or a custom half-time locker room speech.

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