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Our Services

Aztec Link empowers collegiate athletes to monetize their years in college sports. We provide athletes with the playbook to make passive income by leveraging their name, image, and likeness (NIL) right with ease and confidence.


Our platform uniquely connects collegiate athletes, of all levels, with a wide range of income opportunities.

Aztec Link empowers San Diego State student-athletes to monetize their name, image and likeness (NIL) while playing for San Diego State. We provide athletes with the playbook to leverage their NIL with ease and confidence.

How It Works:

Athletes can download the app, create and customize a profile, choose the services he/she wants to offer, set their own pricing, and accept or decline offers – all from their phone. It’s a flexible part-time job without adding to the rigors of being a busy student athlete.

Fans can donate, subscribe to their favorite team, purchase merchandise or search the web platform/mobile app for their favorite athletes and book personalized shout outs for special occasion greetings for friends or a live video chat to ask recruiting questions or get training advice one-on-one in real time.

Brands/Businesses can search the web platform/mobile app for athlete(s) and book an endorsement or contact Aztec Link for Business for expert help in creating a custom campaign with 5-500 athletes.

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