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Draft San Diego State Athletes to be Part of Your Team!

Aztec Link for Business leverages the power of the collegiate athlete – from the All-American five-stars to micro-influencers. Scroll down to learn more.


Drive brand awareness and convert customers by using our roster of athletes to grow your company and reach the next generation of consumers. We work directly with a massive network of collegiate athletes and help brands to deploy the most thought-provoking data-driven campaigns.

Special Events

Gain access to hundreds of college athlete influencers across the country.  Make your special events more captivating and memorable by using San Diego State athlete videos for shoutouts, announcements and booking our roster of athletes as special guests.

Custom Campaigns

Appropriate your campaign through Aztec Link for Business to strategize, organize, optimize, and execute your influencer marketing strategy across any size audience and demographic.  We do all the work while you get all the credit. Leverage collegiate athletes to represent your brand on their social media platforms for made-to-measure campaigns.

Custom Campaigns

Aztec Link for Business helps you reach your goals by creating and delivering a custom branded content strategy, at no extra cost.

Our scalable team approach offers unprecedented access to collegiate athletes to grow your business, and engage more deeply with your customers, free of charge.

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