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Welcome To Aztec Link

Aztec Link is dedicated to assisting San Diego State student-athletes in capitalizing on their name, image, and likeness, while never compromising integrity in the pursuit of excellence. While Aztec Link exists exclusively for the benefit of San Diego State student-athletes and fans, it is not affiliated with the San Diego State University.

A Collective for San Diego State University Student-Athletes

Aztec Link was formed to empower student-athletes at the greatest university in the world. The alumni and supporters of Aztec Link believe that San Diego State student-athletes are destined to do great things, and we will work to ensure that every current and future Aztec has the opportunity to maximize the power of their name, image and likeness during their time in San Diego!

Citrus Fruits

A Personalized Fan Connection Like Never Before!

Experience a one-on-one LIVE video chat with your favorite San Diego athlete. What would YOU ask? Get recruiting advice or playing/training tips, ask those burning questions, or just hang like BFFs and shoot the breeze.

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